Agricultural Integration Demonstration Park

     1.Israeli Agricultural Industrial Park: Israel has a land area of 22,000 square kilometers which is twice as large as Tianjin, and two-thirds of the land is desert.However, in the desert, Israel has created an agricultural miracle that has shocked all the people under the sun. The Israeli fruits and vegetables occupy more than 40% of the European market, and agricultural production efficiency is 50 times that of Japan. An Israeli farmer can feed 113 people, but a Chinese farmer can only feed 15 people. It is the advanced agriculture as well as the agricultural mechanization that makes a name for Israeli worldwide.

     2.The park is located at the center of  Korla, the south of the 27th Regiment central farm, north to the second branch canal, south to the first floodgate of the third trunk canal, east to the first trunk canal, and west to the second trunk canal. The land area of the park is approximately 20,000 mu.

     3.Production Base of Vegetable Seedlings: factory production of vegetables, fruits, flowers, and special plants (spices)

     4.International New Breeding Base for Fruits and Vegetables: introduce the top ten new breeds in Israel every year

New-type Citifying Construction

     1.On March 5th, 2017, Innovation Intelligence Union (Beijing) Technology Development Co., Ltd. and the second division of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps held a grand signing ceremony after a friendly negotiation about the investing projects of Tiemenguan City.

     2.The secretary of the Communist Party Committee of Tiemenguan City and the political commissar of the second division Huang Jinzhong, the standing committee of the party committee and deputy commander Fan Chenghua, the party committee standing committee member and deputy commander Lu Lin, and the party committee standing committee and deputy political commissarAdili Kadeer were present at the signing ceremony. 

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