With the rapid development of the world economy, Innovation Intelligence Union Group Co., Ltd. (IIU) was established in Hongkong, one of the word’s 3 major financial centers, at the beginning of this century. The group is specialized in the long-term investments of the finance, trade, agriculture, tourism, medicine, technology, education and media etc.  Making the best use of the geographical advantages of the world financial center and relying on the new technologies, our professionals are devoted to creating more long-term growth possibilities for these industries, which can finally improve the funds utilization efficiency and the profit of the long-term investment projects.


Adopting the strategy of diversification, IIU has 7 subsidiaries worldwide, involving the fields of financial consulting, modern agriculture, health Internet of Things, international trade, digital asset management and hi-tech intelligent technology etc.


With the cutting-edge intelligent naked-eye 3D quantum application technologies, the group’s relevant products have been exported to Southeast Asia, Central Asia and some other international markets, gradually enabling everyone to improve their life quality through "intelligent health measures", which is a great boost to the national health.


According to the  group’s business fields, the group has begin to develop the overseas markets in order to balance the international resources and domestic advantages. Actively responding to the national Belt and Road Initiative, supported by the relevant government departments, based in Xinjiang, circling the Internet of Things, IIU integrated the resources and set up an inland of China-Xinjiang-Central Asia resources exchange platform along the Belt and Road and covering the countries in Central Asia, Eurasia and Southeast Asia. With a more diverse and complementary operating structure, IIU endeavored to form a collaborative and resource-sharing industrial chain and three major areas of  the “Science and Technology Ecosphere, Healthy Ecosphere and Financial Ecosphere”so that the group could achieve a comprehensive improvement with a more optimized resources allocation.

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